At JJ Minibuses we do deal with many enquiries. Some enquiries often have us asking frequently asked questions. We felt it best to answer some of the most frequently asked questions below.

Q. Are you available for long-distance work or do you only provide minibus hire services in Essex?

A. We provide our minibus service for distances our customers dictate. If you want to go to Scotland, then great, but please be aware our prices are calculated per mile.

Q. Do you have full insurance?

A. Yes, our minibuses are fully insured and we also have full public liability insurance with documentation available on request.

Q. Are your drivers English?

A. Yes, our drivers are currently all of English heritage, although we are an equal opportunities employer.

Q. What if we are late coming out of our party?

A. 5-10 minutes late we can handle, but if you need to change a return time please let us know as soon as possible to avoid occurring a late fee.

Q. Prices you quote, do they have any hidden extras.

A. No, all prices are all-inclusive and transparent. We pride ourselves on an honest service.